A BLOOMSBURY ICONOGRAPHY. Elizabeth P. Richardson.


  • Winchester: St. Paul's Bibliographies, 1989.
  • 8vo.
  • cloth, dust jacket.
  • xii, 372 pages.
  • ISBN: 090679563x

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First edition. This index provides references to over 700 British and American books, periodicals, and exhibition catalogues that make it possible to find about 4,000 different photographs and works of art relating to Bloomsbury and the Bloomsbury group, including portraits, sketches and photographs of people, places and things. The iconography also references their books and homes, ancestors and close friends, including 34 pages devoted to Leonard and Virginia Woolf. The annotations, chiefly in the form of quotations from published diaries, letters and other books help settle dates, identify places and occasions, evoke emotional overtones and reflect the personality of artist or sitter. The various indices of artists, locations, and photographs which accompany the general index help make the book easy to use.