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  • Don't miss Part 2 of the Reference Library of Dorothy Sloan!

    Thursday August 19, 2021 12:15 AM


    Over 1,000 additional titles!

    Don't miss Part 2 of the Reference Library of Dorothy Sloan!
  • New Acquisitions Summer 2021

    Tuesday July 20, 2021 12:15 AM


    Check out these new arrivals here!

    New Acquisitions Summer 2021
  • New Oak Knoll Press Catalogue! Spring/Summer 2021
  • 20% Off Food & Drink Titles

    Saturday May 1, 2021 12:15 AM - Monday May 31, 2021 11:45 PM

    National Asparagus Month... National Barbeque Month... National Egg Month... Hamburger... Salad... Salsa... Strawberry...

    In honor of the many food-related celebrations for the month of May, Oak Knoll is featuring titles related to the topics of food and drink at a discount of 20% off! Shop now before the sale ends on May 31, 2021.

    Shop HERE.

  • Oak Knoll is a proud sponsor of the CBA 2021 Virtual Benefit on May 11

    Saturday May 1, 2021 12:00 AM - Wednesday May 12, 2021 7:00 AM

    Oak Knoll is a proud sponsor of the Center for Book Arts 2021 Virtual Benefit, honoring Allison Knowles

    May 11, 2021, 5:30-7:30pm

    Tickets are available here.

    Oak Knoll is a proud sponsor of the CBA 2021 Virtual Benefit on May 11
  • New Arrivals from The Grolier Club!

    Thursday February 18, 2021 12:00 AM

    Check out these new titles from The Grolier Club!

    The companion exhibition to Magazines and the American Experience, curated by Steven Lomazow, is on show at the Grolier Club now through April 24th!

    The companion exhibition to Taming the Tongue, curated by Bryan A. Garner, is on show at the Grolier Club from March 3rd through May 15th!

    New Arrivals from The Grolier Club!
  • New from Opifex: "Chicago Modernism & the Ludlow Typograph" by Paul L. Gehl

    Thursday January 7, 2021 8:00 AM


    "At the core of Gehl's fascinating account of a most improbable yet successful typographic partnership is America's tentative steps toward Modernism at a time when revivalism remained prevalent and the modern spirit was considered to be culturally of dubious intent. Gehl chronicles in engrossing detail and with admirable clarity the subversive energies of McMurtrie, a modernist who would tell anyone willing to listen, and Middleton, a moderniser who preferred his typefaces to do the talking. That Ludlow had both on the payroll at such a momentous time was remarkable good fortune."
    - David Jury


    " In the community of design historians, no one knows more about Douglas McMurtrie and Robert Middleton than Paul Gehl. This account demonstrates his unequalled knowledge of those who have contributed to Chicago's unique design history. During nearly forty years at the Newberry Library, Paul has uncovered similar fascinating stories. My hope is that this essay is the first of many more to come."
    - Jack Weiss


    To see the online listing, click HERE.

    New from Opifex: "Chicago Modernism & the Ludlow Typograph" by Paul L. Gehl
  • Now Available for Pre-Order: "The Mouseion and the Library of the Ptolemies in Alexandria" by Konstantinos Sp. Staikos

    Tuesday January 5, 2021 8:15 AM


    The Mouseion and the Library of the Ptolemies in Alexandria, which comprises 14 chapters in all, begins by taking a look at the relations between the Greeks and the peoples of the East, mainly the Egyptians and the Persians, until the end of the classical period. Next, Alexander the Great's campaign of conquest to the East is summarized and his personality is brought to the fore. Alexander and his deeds became the subject of an enduring narrative, retold across languages and traditions for centuries.

    However, main subject of the volume is the organization and function of the Mouseion and the Library of Alexandria during the Hellenistic period. Examined are the achievements of the city's major intellectuals, from all branches of arts, letters and science (poetry, criticism, mathematics, geography, mechanics and so on). Subsequently, the latter history of the institution in Roman and Byzantine times is outlined, down to the Arab conquest of Alexandria.

    The last chapter of the book is dedicated to the architecture of that major intellectual foundation of Alexandria, and the principles behind its creation and construction according to the models of Greek philosophical and rhetorical schools.


    To Pre-Order Now, click HERE.

    Now Available for Pre-Order: "The Mouseion and the Library of the Ptolemies in Alexandria" by Konstantinos Sp. Staikos
  • New Biblio Novels and Detective Fiction Novels!

    Thursday December 10, 2020 8:00 AM


    Oak Knoll is pleased to present a recently acquired collection of

    Biblio Novels, Biblio Mysteries, and Detective Fiction Novels.

    Check out the entire collection at the link below

    or scroll for featured titles!


    Shop the Collection HERE.

    New Biblio Novels and Detective Fiction Novels!
  • Check out Special Catalogue #32: The History and Technique of Marbled Paper

    Tuesday November 3, 2020 1:00 AM


    Oak Knoll is pleased to present Special Catalogue #32: The History of Technique of Marbled Paper, featuring titles from Josef Halfer, Richard J. Wolfe, Karli Frigge, Nedim Sönmez, and many more!


    Browse the eCatalogue PDF HERE.

    View the listings on our website HERE.

    Check out Special Catalogue #32: The History and Technique of Marbled Paper
  • Now Available for Immediate Order! Morris & Company: Essays on Fine Printing

    Tuesday September 8, 2020 8:00 AM

    Morris & Company: Essays on Fine Printing
    by William S. Peterson

    William S. Peterson -- in this collection of  essays and lectures originally published over a twenty-six-year span -- argues that Morris's adventures in the book world can best be understood by placing him in this larger context.


    To see the full listing, click HERE.

    Now Available for Immediate Order! Morris & Company: Essays on Fine Printing
  • Past Grolier Club publications - 10-20% Off!

    Tuesday June 2, 2020
  • New from the Grolier Club: The Best-Read Army in the World

    Monday June 1, 2020
  • Select Papermaking @ 40% Off!

    Thursday May 28, 2020 12:15 AM - Thursday June 4, 2020 12:15 AM
  • What to Read During Quarantine - Part 2!

    Tuesday May 5, 2020
  • What to Read During Quarantine - Part 1!

    Tuesday April 21, 2020
  • Schedule of upcoming book fairs!

    Wednesday January 9, 2019 - Monday March 11, 2019

    Jan. 24: Bibliography Week Booksellers' Showcase, French Institute/Alliance Francaise (across from the Grolier Club), New York

    Feb. 1-2: Rare Books LA, Pasadena Convention Center

    Feb. 8-10: California International Antiquarian Book Fair, Oakland Marriott City Center

    March 7-10: New York International Antiquarian Book Fair, Park Avenue Armory

    Feel free to contact Rob for complimentary passes!

  • We'll be at the Typographics Book Fair in NYC, June 16-17!

    Saturday June 2, 2018 3:00 PM - Saturday June 30, 2018 12:00 AM
  • New from the University of Pennsylvania: "The Bibliophile as Bookbinder: the Angling Bindings of S.A. Neff, Jr."

    Saturday June 2, 2018 4:45 AM
  • New from the Clements Library: "Pioneer Americanists"

    Saturday June 2, 2018 4:45 PM
  • New from the Center for Book Arts: "Freud on the Couch: Psyche in the Book"

    Saturday June 2, 2018
  • April: Book Collecting Titles 20% Off!

    Sunday April 1, 2018 - Monday April 30, 2018
  • Delaware History: Two-Week Sale! 20% Off

    Thursday March 15, 2018 - Wednesday March 28, 2018
  • Biggs Museum of American Art: Two-Week Sale! 20% Off

    Thursday March 15, 2018 - Wednesday March 28, 2018
  • E-Catalogue 2: Marbling

    Thursday March 15, 2018
  • March Typography Sale: 20% Off Select Titles

    Thursday March 1, 2018 - Saturday March 31, 2018
  • Calligraphy & Writing History: 50% Select Titles

    Tuesday January 2, 2018 12:00 AM - Wednesday January 31, 2018 12:00 AM
  • The Calligraphy Revival, 1906-2016: 15% Off

    Monday January 1, 2018 12:00 AM - Wednesday January 31, 2018 12:00 AM
  • New The Grolier Club Title: A Conversation Larger Than The Universe

    Sunday December 31, 2017 - Monday December 31, 2018
  • December Staikos Sale: 20% Off

    Friday December 1, 2017 - Sunday December 31, 2017
  • Happy Halloween! Use coupon code "BOO15" to get a spooky 15% Halloween discount on one new distribution title

    Tuesday October 31, 2017 - Wednesday November 1, 2017
  • Catalogue 312 is here!

    Tuesday October 24, 2017
  • Sale: Center for Book Arts titles now 10-15% off

    Thursday October 19, 2017
  • October Sale: Books About Bookbinding 20% Off

    Monday October 2, 2017
  • September Sale: Illuminated Manuscripts 20% Off

    Tuesday September 5, 2017 - Sunday October 1, 2017
  • Our 2017 Publishing Catalogue is up and available in PDF and web catalogue format!

    Thursday July 6, 2017
    Our 2017 Publishing Catalogue is up and available in PDF and web catalogue format!
  • Special Catalogue 29 is now online! Michael Peich and the Aralia Press

    Thursday June 15, 2017
  • Our very first internet-exclusive catalogue (E-Cat 01) is now available!

    Thursday December 1, 2016
  • The Fall 2016 Publishing Catalogue is now online

    Tuesday October 25, 2016
  • Oak Knoll Fest XIX was a tremendous success. Thanks for coming out!

    Monday October 3, 2016
  • A Statement from Rob Fleck on the Passing of His Father Bob

    Thursday September 22, 2016
  • Check out our new book trailer for Dreaming on the Edge: Poets and Book Artists in California

    Monday August 8, 2016
  • Antiquarian Catalogue 311 is now available online

    Friday August 5, 2016
  • Kristina Lundblad's book 'Bound to be Modern' won SHARP's Ewell L. Newman Book History Award!

    Thursday July 21, 2016
  • Blog update: Meet Oak Knoll's 2016 Summer Interns

    Tuesday July 5, 2016 - Wednesday August 31, 2016
  • Our Spring 2016 Publishing Catalogue is now available online!

    Friday June 3, 2016
  • Antiquarian Catalogue 310 is now online

    Wednesday June 1, 2016
  • The Oak Knoll Fest XIX site has been updated. Seats and tables still available!

    Monday May 16, 2016
  • An Interview with Film Book author Breixo Viejo is now available on the Oak Knoll Blog

    Wednesday May 4, 2016

    An Interview with Author Breixo Viejo Now Available on the Oak Knoll Blog

  • The Limited Editions Club Catalogue (Special Catalogue 28) is Now Available Online

    Friday March 11, 2016
  • Catalogue 309 is Now Available Online

    Wednesday January 6, 2016
  • Oak Knoll Press Fall 2015 Publishing Catalogue Now Available Online

    Thursday December 10, 2015
  • Welcome our new Editorial Board Members

    Tuesday September 8, 2015 - Thursday September 8, 2016
  • Welcome our new Managing Editor: Matthew Young

    Wednesday May 20, 2015 4:00 PM - Saturday June 20, 2015

    Oak Knoll has engaged Matthew Young to be Managing Editor of Oak Knoll Press, its publishing division. In that position, Matthew's primary responsibilities will be to coordinate the editorial process, typography, print production, and marketing for new books published by Oak Knoll. 


    Matthew has been providing design and editorial services to Oak Knoll for several years, including the design for the recently published Tricks of the Trade: Confessions of a Bookbinder by Jamie Kamph. He brings more than 35 years of experience as a graphic designer, art director, writer, and editor to his new position, along with a passion for book history from his avocation as a collector and independent scholar. He is a member of several bibliophilic organizations to whose conferences and journals he has occasionally contributed. Oak Knoll Press published his books Field & Tuer, the Leadenhall Press (2010) and The Rise and Fall of the Printers' International Specimen Exchange (2012).


    Oak Knoll Press welcomes proposals for scholarly and general interest books that contribute to the preservation knowledge about the art, lore, and wisdom of the printed word.

    Welcome our new Managing Editor: Matthew Young
  • Oak Knoll Press Spring 2015 Catalogue now available

    Tuesday March 31, 2015

    Featuring our new publishing and distribution titles, as well as a selection of older favorites.

  • Oak Knoll Books Catalogue 307 now available

    Tuesday March 31, 2015

    Fine Press and Books about Books

  • Oak Knoll Fest XVIII - October 3-5, 2015

    Wednesday May 1, 2013
  • New Partnership with

    Wednesday December 5, 2012

    Oak Knoll Press and are pleased to announce a new partnership, effective immediately, which makes over 30 of Oak Knoll’s in-copyright bibliographies available electronically at

  • The Oak Knoll Biblio-Blog

    Saturday June 5, 2010

    Just what does A. Edward Newton have to do with Oak Knoll? Find out by reading our new Oak Knoll Biblio-Blog: Musings on Books from Bob Fleck and his Oak Knollers. With Oak Knoll being not just a haven for books, but also a shop filled with unique history and interesting tales, we decided to create our very own blog to share our thoughts on books and keep you informed of the interesting happenings occurring with the Oak Knoll staff.


    Friday April 9, 2010
    Oak Knoll Press is now the exclusive distributor for the Center for Book Arts, New York City. Founded in 1974, The Center has published dozens of books in the field of Book Arts including: artists' books, poetry chapbooks, poetry broadsides, exhibition catalogs, as well as other publications.

    Friday June 5, 2009

    Oak Knoll Press is now the exclusive North American distributor for HES & DE GRAAF Publishers. In doing so we have added over 350 titles to our publishing program. Founded in 1971, HES Publishers expanded in 2000 by the incorporation of the renowned DE GRAAF Publishers. They are publishers of scholarly works on books, on the history of books, on the history of their production and on any interesting topic related to manuscripts as well as the printed book.

    Click here to view the new titles


    Tuesday May 5, 2009

    Dear friend of fine books,

    Now would be a good time for you to join the Fine Press Book Association. I myself have been a member for many years.

    They have a twice-a-year magazine called Parenthesis that's all about handmade books, as well as a new website that makes it easy to find out what new books small presses have been making (not to mention you can read the gossip in the bookmaking world on their blog).

    It's not even very expensive: $48 for a personal membership, $60 for an institution.


    Thursday March 5, 2009

    The International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB) is pleased to announce that the following titles—A Dictionary of Abbreviations Commonly Used by German and Italian Antiquarian Booksellers and Auctioneers by Bernard M. Rosenthal and Dictionary of Terms and Expressions Commonly Used in the Antiquarian Booktrade in French, English, German, and Italian by Edgar Franco—are posted in full for free on the ILAB website. Useful for buyers and sellers, these books serve as great references for individuals in the antiquarian book trade.

    Click here to visit ILAB's website


    Thursday February 5, 2009

    Late in the summer, Oak Knoll landed eleven newly acquired books to distribute for the Beinecke Library at Yale University. Now, we want you to enjoy these titles that the library has treasured for so many years.

    Here is where we keep the new titles!


    Wednesday October 1, 2008

    About a dozen members of the Chesapeake Chapter of the American Printing History Association (APHA) visited Oak Knoll Fest XV on October 4 & 5. Click the link below to see comments and pictures from their visit.


    Monday September 1, 2008

    Read Bob Fleck's interview in Book Business magazine's September, 2008, issue, Down the Long Tail, by James Sturdivant, on-line.


    Monday December 31, 2007

    We are proud to announce that Oak Knoll is now the exclusive sponsor of the viaLibri library search page. is the only book meta-search engine that caters specifically to collectors searching for bibliographical information about rare or antiquarian books, offering the following unique features:

    • Includes important antiquarian bookselling sites that other meta-searches exclude, such as, booksatpbfa and uniliber
    • Search results are sorted starting with the most valuable books, guaranteeing that the search will not exclude rare or valuable books
    • Users can specify dates as part of their search criteria
    • Can search for a specific phrase, an option not offered by other meta-search sites
    • A “Search Manager” function allows users to save search criteria for a later time
    • Features a built-in translation function for book descriptions in the search results
    • Users can continue searching until they have looked at all the matches available

    ViaLibri is also the only meta-search site with a library search. The viaLibri library search page currently searches more than 70 library databases worldwide, and more databases are continually being added. This library search includes the following:

    • Multi-national catalogues, including WorldCat, COPAC and Google books
    • National union catalogues
    • Libraries, including research and special collections libraries, national libraries and university libraries

    The resources provided by viaLibri will help you find information about the title you are looking for, both in a library and for sale online.

  • 2008 APHA AWARD

    Saturday November 10, 2007

    Oak Knoll receives distinguished achievement award for supporting the study of printing history


    Thursday September 27, 2007

    This fall, the Wilmington News Journal featured Bob Fleck and Oak Knoll as the cover story in the Crossroads section. We hope you enjoy reading the article and learning more about the background of Oak Knoll.


    Tuesday September 27, 2005

    An informative guide for all collectors and sellers of rare books in the USA. The ABAA is the world-renowned Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America, and this short film profiles the organization and some of its members. A must for rare book collectors and sellers!

    Paul Ryall and Ed Smith made this film for the ABAA in Los Angeles in 2006. Approx 10 minutes running time.