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Printing for Book Production:
Emery Walker's 1924 Sandars Lectures

In 1924 Walker delivered the Sandars Lectures at the University of Cambridge, in which he presented his reflections on the history and technology of printing and book illustration, accompanying his talks with about 200 slides. This book publishes these lectures for the first time. The book includes many of the images Walker showed to his 1924 audience, including copies of some of his original slides, as well as reproductions, often in color, of other works and items (such as historical printing presses) he mentioned. Appendices include: Walker's 1888 lecture on letterpress printing and Oscar Wilde's review; a list of Walker's 1924 slides; a list of Sandars Lectures from 1895-2019; and notes on the texts and sources.

The text and some 300 pictures in color and black and white combine to provide an excellent history of the printed book from Gutenberg to the early 20th century. An introduction summarizes Walkers life and many achievements. 

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