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Morris & Company
by William S. Peterson

William S. Peterson -- in this collection of essays and lectures originally published over a twenty-six-year span -- argues that Morris's adventures in the book world can best be understood by placing him in this larger context. While the attempt by Morris to reinvigorate the book beautiful (as some of his contemporaries called it) was connected in his mind with Marxist theories about the equitable distribution of goods, the reality is that the Kelmscott Press printed elegant volumes that could only be afforded by prosperous collectors. At a deeper level, however, the Victorian revival of the aesthetics of book production was also linked with the renewal of Anglo-Catholicism in mid-nineteenth-century England and a growing admiration for the Middle Ages.

Morris's remarkable achievement was to blend this widespread Victorian nostalgia for the distant past with a theory of bookmaking that still has powerful appeal today. The other figures who appear in this volume, such as Emery Walker, Sydney Cockerell, Daniel Berkeley Updike, William Pickering, and Henry and Emily Daniel, remind us that us that Morris was not alone in envisioning the renewal of the book arts as the key to an understanding of our modern world.


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Teddy Roosevelt: A Descriptive Bibliography
by Heather G. Cole and R.W.G. Vail

"It is not hyperbole to state that this is one of the most valuable and important works of TR scholarship to be published in many years."
- Gregory A. Wynn, Vice President, Theodore Roosevelt Association

This is the first complete descriptive bibliography of Roosevelt's works to be published. R.W.G. Vail (1890-1966) prepared an exhaustive bibliography in the early 1920s while serving as librarian for the Roosevelt Memorial Association (now the Theodore Roosevelt Association). His work, typewritten on 3,000 large note cards, came to Harvard's Houghton Library as part of the Theodore Roosevelt Collection, where it remained, hidden away for the past century. This bibliography reexamines and expands upon Vail's work, providing a detailed overview of Roosevelt's impressive publication list.


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