Order Nr. 87788 Bill for Repealing Two Acts...

Bill for Repealing Two Acts.

  • N.P. n.p., 1823.
  • narrow 4to.
  • disbound
  • (i), 19 + 1 pages

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Order Nr. 87788

The bill repealing two acts passed in the 39th, 40th and in the 41st years of the reign of King George III which themselves were repeals of acts passed in the reign of King James I all to do with the use of Horse Hides in the making of Boots and Shoes, and for better prevention of damaging raw hides and skins . These bills were re-enacted in a somewhat altered state in June 1823 during the reign of King George IV. Ordered by The House of Commons to be printed 5 June 1823. Very clean, not bound, but held together with the glue that once attached it to the spine, stitching holes quite apparent.