Order Nr. 86900 GEORGE W. JONES : PRINTER LAUREATE. Lawrence Wallis.


(Jones, George W).
  • (New York): Mark Batty, (2005).
  • 8vo.
  • cloth with dustjacket
  • (vi), 128 pages

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Order Nr. 86900

The book provides the first extensive look at the life and work of George W. Jones ( 1860-1942) filling a gap in the literature of graphic design and printing history. He was one of the most respected and celebrated fine printers of his generation, producing books for notable publishers such as the Nonesuch Press and the Limited Editions Club. In 1911, he established the venture know as the Sign of the Dolphin. As the printing advisor to the Linotype organization, Jones was directly responsible for the creations of a number of distinguished typefaces for linecasting, including Granjon, Estienne, Baskerville, and Georgian.