• Bombay: The Ankur Project, 1995.
  • square 8vo.
  • paper-covered boards, dust jacket.
  • 127+(1) pages with 7 bound-in full-page specimens and 107 color photographs.
  • ISBN: 0952583119

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First edition. The industrialization of papermaking has obscured the traditional ways through which handmade paper is produced. However, Off the Deckle Edge reminds us of the longstanding history of papermaking along with the visual and sensual qualities handmade paper possesses. Premchand marries seven bound-in full-page paper specimens with 107 colorful and exotic photographs in a modernly produced book with beautiful accounts of the people and culture of India.

The papermaking portion of this book describes the processes, raw materials, vocabulary and equipment relevant to India. Premchand also explores the history of papermaking through her travels to London's British Library and her excursions to China, Japan and India in the footsteps of Dard Hunter. However, this book is not only a walk through the craft itself and its history in India but a very intimate journey among the people, culture and customs of these regions.

Premchand keeps a vivid prose-like diary as she walks among the towns and villages of Kalpi, Sanganer, Junnar, Aurangaband, Wardha, Pune, Ahmedabad and Pondicherry. While on a tour in Kalpi, she experienced her research coming to life when she discovered that Munnalal Khaddari, the author of a rare 1928 book on papermaking, was still alive though in his nineties at the time.

For Premchand and those who enjoy, practice and revere the craft of papermaking, the trip of discovery never ends. Off the Deckle Edge also contains a bibliography, a glossary and a touching dedication to Khaddari who encouraged Premchand to produce this book but passed away soon after their meeting.