• New York: The Bibliographical Society of America, 1990.
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Ever since W. H. James Weale laid the foundations for the scholarly study of panel-stamped bindings in 1894, it has been universally assumed that the stamps were hand-engraved, and thus, that each panel was a unique artifact. However, Fogelmark discovered that virtually everything written since Weale's study has been based on a fundamental mistake. In Fogelmark's search for literature on blind panels, he had not been able to find a single item dealing with the all-important questions of production and technique. Fogelmark believes that one must understand the nature of the panel stamp and the basic rules that guided its use before discussing matters of attribution and iconography. He now presents decisive evidence that panel stamps were cast in metal rather than hand engraved and were often produced in multiple copies for wide distribution. Identical stamps could be used concurrently in different shops, different cities and even different countries. Fogelmark's research is based on many years research in a large number of European libraries and a detailed study of various technical and artistic features of the panels. This is a distinguished and highly original contribution to bookbinding history, which greatly extends knowledge of the late medieval booktrade. An exciting work, handsomely produced at The Stinehour Press.