Order Nr. 140159 CRAFT AS CATALYST. Ken Botnick.


CODE(x)+1 Monograph #18

  • Berkeley: Codex Foundation, The, 2024.
  • 5.5 x 7.75 inches
  • wrappers
  • 16 pages
  • ISBN: 9780996218498

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Order Nr. 140159

Number eighteen in the CODE(x)+1 monograph series.

While conceptual complexities differentiate the artist book from the world of handmade objects, there is a similarity in reconciling ones vision for a project with its functionality. One of the truest lessons of craft practice is that it is not only difficult to foster innovation and creativity in the absence of constraints, the constraints give birth to them. Italo Calvino described this as escaping the pull of gravity that so stimulates the imagination. The book, a seemingly constrained form, should surely be exhausted by now. Yet it continues. And we continue making them. The books ineffable natureits sustainable, renewable, inexhaustible resourceis found in the potential of the imaginative mind informed by the work of the hand.