Order Nr. 134671 Uncut folio featuring nine postcards. Nancy Sawin.

Uncut folio featuring nine postcards.

  • Hockessin, DE: Nancy Sawin, n.d.
  • folio
  • broadside

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Order Nr. 134671

A single uncut broadside of nine postcards illustrated by Nancy Sawin. The nine postcards are: St. Mary's Square & Cannon Bail House, St. Michaels, MD; High Victorians, Smyrna, DE; (cannon) St. Michaels, MD; Henlopen Light House; Out Buildings, Old Commerce Street, Smyrna, DE; Grain Elevator, Smyrna DE; Along Main Street, Smyrna, DE; Town Hall Mall, St. Michaels, MD; and Rabbit's Ferry House.