(Center for Book Arts).
  • New York: Center for Book Arts, 2013.
  • 15 x 13 inches
  • top opening portfolio
  • 12 broadsides of various sizes

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Twelve broadsides, each representing the work of an individual poet who gave a reading at The Center for Book Arts in New York, are enclosed in an artistic portfolio that not only provides protection but also appeals to the eye. As part of the Broadside Reading Series, a letterpress printer (sometimes the poet who gave the reading) creates a broadside of one of the author's poems that captures the essence of the verse and the story they told. Included are works by printers James Walsh, Joshua Beckman, Barbara Henry, Roni Gross, Richard O'Russa, Amber McMillan, Anna Paula Cordeiro, Meg Quarton, Sarah Mottaghinejad, and poets Joshua Beckman, Mary Ruefle, Jen Bervin, Joseph Donahue, Caroline Knox, Cecilia Vicuna, Elizabeth Willis, James Walsh, Julie Patton, Simon Pettet, Lewis Warsh, and Michael O'Brien. The broadsides are reserved for the yearly portfolios. The 2012 portfolio features a top opening that closes with a red flap, and brown sides with an orange stripe on each.