Order Nr. 105220 LOST & FOUND. Hal Bishop.


(Whittington Press).
  • Risbury, Herefordshire: Whittington Press, The. 2010.
  • 8vo.
  • half-bound in buckram and paper
  • 112

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Order Nr. 105220

Trade edition, one of 225 copies. Lost and Found will show all sixteen of the blocks for The Mill on the Floss for the first time, as well as reconstructing the larger palimpsest images on the reverse of the blocks. As Hal Bishop remarked in Matrix 26, 'Despite the loss of the short central section of each block, Rachel's compositional whole is easily reconstructed by the eye.'

The book will also include eighteen of her wonderfully energetic earlier engravings, showing how her style developed before she began The Mill on the Floss. Lost and Found tells the story of sixteen powerful illustrations that have remained hidden for nearly sixty years, and the highly unusual images that were sacrificed unneccessarily in the process. It brings to light the work of one of the century's most original engravers, whose work is little known partly because her financial independence made her relatively unconcerned about publicising her work.

Limited to 185 trade editions which are bound in buckram and decorated paper sides.