Order Nr. 102511 WOOD TYPE SAMPLER


(Silver Buckle Press).
  • Madison, WI: Silver Buckle Press, 2008.
  • 8" x 4"
  • loose sheets
  • 6 samples

Price: $35.00  other currencies

Order Nr. 102511

Handprinted set of wood type specimen cards from the Silver Buckle Press. These specimens show six major styles of wood type in the collection: Antique, Gothic, Tuscan, Clarendon, Roman and Script faces. Each type is identified on the back of the card.

The specimens in Wood Type Sampler were designed and printed by students on staff at the Silver Buckle Press. Cards were originally printed in unnumbered editions as gifts for visitors. Seventy-five of each card were reserved for this limited edition offering. A title card displaying decorative wood type was printed for the edition. Sets are press numbered on the back of the title card.