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Order Nr. 72642 THE DOVES PRESS. Marianne Tidcombe
(Doves Press).


New Castle, DE: The British Library & Oak Knoll Press, 2002. small 4to. cloth, dust jacket. 272 pages. First edition. Fine in near fine jacket. This highly-researched work is the most authoritative account of the first and most famous private press of the 20th century - The Doves Press. Starting its operation in the wake of William Morris, the Doves Press became a major influence in the development of modern book design. Marianne Tidcombe reveals..... READ MORE

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Table of contents


Preface                                                              vii

Abbreviations                                                         xi

Prologue: T. J. Cobden-Sanderson, 'The Threefold Purpose of the        1
  Doves Press', 1916

Colour plates                                        between pages 2 & 3

Part I: The Idea and the Ideal: Cobden-Sanderson's reaction to the     3
  Kelmscott Press, 1892

Part II: The Doves Press                                              12

Part III: Cobden-Sanderson's 'Pro Iracundia sua Apologia'             88

Part IV: Books and Papers printed at the Doves Press                 137
  A. Books, DP 1-40                                                  144
  B. Ephemera                                                        193
       Letters DPL 1-9                                               194
       Press announcements and other items DPE 1-98                  195

Appendices                                                           219
  1. Cost of the Doves type                                          221
  2. Final inventory of the Doves Press                              223
  3. Emery Walker vs. Annie Cobden-Sanderson, and                    224
     Walker's Statement about the Doves Press
  4. The Hammersmith Publishing Society                              233
  5. Key figures involved in the Doves Press                         235
       T. J. Cobden-Sanderson                                        235
       Harry Gage-Cole                                               237
       Edward Johnston                                               238
       John Henry Mason                                              238
       Edward Philip Prince                                          239
       Emery Walker                                                  240

Selected Bibliography                                                242

Index                                                                247