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Order Nr. 42177 REPUBLICAN SYNTHESIS REVISITED. Milton M. Klein, Richard D. Brown, John B. Hench
(Billias, George Athan).


Edited by Milton M. Klein, Richard D. Brown, John B. Hench.
Worcester: American Antiquarian Society, 1992. 8vo. stiff paper wrappers. 165 pages. Edited by Milton M. Klein, Richard D. Brown, John B. Hench. Essays by Isaac Kramnick, Robert E. Shalhope, Lance Banning, Peter S. Onuf, Cathy Matson, and Gordon S. Wood. With a biographical sketch of this historian. READ MORE

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Table of contents

                       Table of Contents

Preface                                                   7

Introduction                                             11

Republicanism Revisited: The Case of James Burgh         19

Republicanism, Liberalism, and Democracy:
Political Culture in the New Nation                      37

The Republican Interpretation: Retrospect
and Prospect                                             91

Republicanism and Federalism in the
Constitutional Decade                                   119

Afterword                                               143

My Intellectual Odyssey                                 153

Index                                                   163