October 5-7, 2018

Weekend Speakers

All presentations take place at Immanuel Parish Hall

Friday 10/5, 10:00am: Pat Sweet, will talk about the history of Bo Press.

Friday 10/5, 11:15 am: David Sellers, will talk about the history of Pied Oxen Printers.

Saturday 10/6, 9:30 am: Rebecca Romney, will give a talk titled "When Doves Cry," an homage to T. J. Cobden-Sanderson based on an essay in her new book, Printer’s Error, which features humorous stories in bibliophilic history.

Saturday 10/6, 10:45 am: Mark McMurray, Carol Grossman, Steve Heaver, panel discussion regarding the history and future of the Fine Press Book Association.

Sunday 10/7, 10 am: Graham Moss, will talk about the history of the Incline Press to celebrate the press' 25th anniversary of it's founding.


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