EMBLEMATA. Alvan Bregman.


(Bird & Bull Press).

The Emblem Books of Andrea Alciato. A Leaf Book with Eight New Emblems by Henricus de Nova Villa

  • Newtown, PA: Bird & Bull Press, 2007.
  • 8vo.
  • quarter morocco, Japanese cloth sides, cloth slipcase, leather spine label, paper label bearing emblem on top board
  • (vi), 128, (14) pages plus leaf

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One of 124 bound thus, of 140 copies, with an original leaf. The original leaves included are taken from the 1589 Paris edition of the Alciato emblem book. From the prospectus: "During the late Renaissance, the most famous professor of law in all of Europe was Andrea Alciato (1492-1550) of Milan. ...Almost accidentally, he was responsible for creating a whole new genre of publication consisting of text and image, known as the emblem book. Alciato's emblems were built upon the Latin epigrams he liked to write as a learned pastime. ...Surprisingly, however, there are few books in English devoted to Alciato or to his emblems. No separate overview of Alciato's life and writing is known. In addition to the history of the emblem books, the author provides much personal information that illuminates the character and personality of Alciato. Alvan Bergman has written an illustrated text on the subject usually directed to scholarly specialist, but he has done so in a way that is engaging and informative to the non-specialist reader. " The eight contemporary emblems are illustrated by Wesley Bates's wood engravings are included as an Appendix.