Order Nr. 93340 NEW CASTLE. NEW CASTLE CO. D. G. Beers.


  • Philadelphia: Pomeroy & Beers, 1868.
  • 15 5/8" x 14 1/2"
  • Single sheet

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Order Nr. 93340

B1-100. Map of New Castle, New Castle Co., Delaware. Map contains insets of Stanton and Red Lion and a directory of businesses in Stanton. County map scale 1 1/4 rods to the inch, Stanton inset 30 rods to the inch, and Red Lion 50 rods to the inch. This map has been removed from a incomplete copy of Beers' 1868 Atlas of the State of Delaware (page 21), which contains "actual surveys by and under the direction of D.G. Beers." Daniel G. Beers came from a family of atlas publishers. He and his brother, Silas, operated in Philadelphia, the center of atlas publication in the United States, until 1868, when he moved to New York City. Beers and his family produced detailed maps of many Northeastern states, cities, and counties until the 1880s, when the United States began to systematize mapping practices, and mapmaking moved out of private publication (Mano, Jo Margaret). Engraved by Worley & Bracher of Philadelphia and printed by Fred Bourquin. Maps in color.