• New York: Art Dealers Association of America, 1970-1986.
  • 4to.
  • (cloth-covered) binders; unbound leaves and cloth-tied sections in a slip case
  • Variously paginated

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1970-1973; 1976-1978 (with gaps); 1981-1986 (with gaps). This collection includes copies of over one thousand notices--concerning stolen works of art--which were distributed by the American Art Dealers Association to about 1,000 recipients including dealers, auction houses, museums throughout the world, the FBI, the U.S. Customs Service and international law enforcement agencies. During the period represented by this collection, the Association was the only central source of information on stolen and missing works of art (ADAA website). The quality of the images in the notices varies significantly according to the reproduction processes used. The works illustrated, however, demonstrate a broad range of tastes among thieves--with all periods, media and styles represented. This collection is complete from January 1970 (notice number 1069) through November 1973 (number 1454), but there are gaps in each of the remaining years. The copies have occasional pencil notations. The slip case containing loose leaves and cloth-tied sections (notices issued after 1976) is damaged.