Galerie Gerd Rosen (Four special issues bound in one)

Galerie Gerd Rosen (Four special issues bound in one).

Erlesenes und Erlebtes; Buch-Miniaturen, Zweite Folge; Buch-Miniaturen, Dritte Folge; Buch-Miniaturen, Vierte Folge

  • Berlin: Galerie Gerd Rosen, (1957); (1958); 1959; 1960.
  • 4to.
  • stiff paper wrappers
  • 12; 11(+1); (ii),39(+1); (ii),54 pages

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This volume contains four special issues from Galerie Gerd Rosen in Berlin. The first commemorated the lawyer and book collector Otto Deneke, who had died the previous year, and includes original contributions from Rudolf Alexander Schröder (memories of Deneke and Rudolf Borchardt) and from Alfred von Klement, recently deceased senator of the Halkyonischen Akademie, as well as material taken from the gallery's auction catalogue number 29. The second commemorated the author Dr. Kurt Messow and contained primarily material taken from auction catalogue 30. The articles in the third came mostly from auction catalogues 31 and 32. The fourth expands on material from auction catalogues 33 and 34. The colophons indicate that all were issued in limited editions (200; 200; 150; and 150 copies) for friends of the gallery and, in the first two cases, for members of the "Berlin Bibliophiles' Evening" group. Printed on hand-made paper (parts 2-4 on Gravis-Bütten) at the Druckerei Max Lichtwitz. Includes black-and-white illustrations, some tipped-in. Wrapper shows modest soiling and wear. There is evidence of a one quarter cloth (or tape) spine covering, which is now missing.