Order Nr. 75501 THE BOOK ON THE BOOKSHELF. Henry Petroski.


  • New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1999.
  • small 8vo.
  • stiff paper wrappers.
  • x, 290, (2)
  • ISBN: 0375406492

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Order Nr. 75501

First edition, paperback. The ways in which the housing of books evolved, from the scroll, to the codex, to the volume we are used to. The author takes us into the pre-Gutenberg world, where books were so scarce they were chained to lecterns for security. He explains how the printing press not only changed the way books were made and shelved, but increased their availability and made readers into books owners and collectors. Chapters on Books and Bookshops, Bookstack Engineering, Shelves that Move, etc. With 67 illustrations, bibliography, and index.