Issued as Volume II of the series Sample Books.

  • (Joppe, The Netherlands: Frits Knuf, 1993).
  • narrow 4to.
  • cloth with paper sample inset on cover, slipcase
  • (xii), 11+(3) pages

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Order Nr. 73838

Printed in an edition limited to 75 numbered and signed copies. Realized by Karli Frigge, this is the second in a series of Sample books. Includes a history of Edward Seymour (1898-1979) and the Fancy Paper Company, London, written by Lietje van Hovell tot Westerflier. Paper was being made at that time by the bench process as well as by trough marbling, Seymour's first love. Seymour made his own colors after an old formula and polished the papers by hand with agate polishing stone; this enabled him to produce remarkable papers in traditional patterns. Marbling was often made a mystery by those who practiced it, being confined to separate areas to prevent others learning the techniques. As documented in Sidney Berger's book (see no. 90944), Seymour closed his business in 1971. With thirty-five color samples of trough marbles and bench paper, all from the collection of Tanya Schmoller. Accordion binding.