Auswahl von technisch und geschichtlich bemerkenswerten Stücken, 100 Tafeln in Licht- und Steindruck, mit Einleitung von T... (Book bindings. Selection of technically and historically noteworthy items, 100 plates in photo- and lithographic prints, with introduction by Theodor Gottlieb)

  • Wien: Anton Schroll & Co., (1910).
  • folio
  • bound text of cloth over limp boards followed by loose plates, all inside a stiff-backed portfolio (cloth over boards) with decorated front pastedown, flaps (cloth and paper) and ties, with double gilt fillets, gilt lettering and the Hapsburg Double Eagle gilt-stamped on the front.
  • (iv) pages, 80 columns, 81-84 pages; 100 loose sheets.

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Order Nr. 71317

Catalogue for an exhibition or display of 116 significant bindings from the collection of the "Imperial-Royal [K.K.] Court Library" (now the National Library of Austria): bindings from the 6th to the 19th century (mostly, however European bindings of the 15th and 16th centuries) mostly in leather (morocco, calf, sheepskin) over boards (paper or wood) with covers decorated with metal pieces and/or blind- or gilt-tooled or -stamped designs in various styles (mosaic, paneled, diapered, center- and cornerpieces in borders, pictorial, strapwork, oddities or mixed styles, etc.) sometimes with other colors. There is a certain emphasis on south German and Austrian bindings.
The purpose of the exhibition was not primarily aesthetic - though most of the bindings have a striking appearance - but to show the development of the structure and decoration of books. In this respect, one is particularly struck by the many correspondences between the ten medieval Middle Eastern bindings presented, and medieval and later European bindings. The accompanying folio-sized brochure contains an article on the history of bookbinding and decoration, followed by the catalogue of 116 bindings (plus several doublures), index and bibliography. Entries discuss decoration, decorative elements, and sometimes binding structure, with references to other bindings. Entries also indicate contents and provide information on provenance, binders, etc., along with references, as appropriate. The illustrations themselves are monochromatic photolithographic plates with chromolithographic highlighting of gilding and other coloration. The outer portfolio is split along the front hinge. With the Randeria bookplate.