(Whittington Press).
  • Lower Marston Farm, Risbury, Herefordshire: The Whittington Press, 1998.
  • folio
  • half cloth with printed paper-covered boards, top edge stained brown, slipcase in paper and cloth.
  • (vi), 44, (2) pages with 7 additional leaves.

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Limited to 200 numbered copies. In the early 20th century, the Oxford University Press decided that its large-size Book of Common Prayer, a mid-19th century design, was inferior to the Cambridge version and generally ill-suited for liturgical practice, and designed a new one, influenced by the private press movement and using 17th-century matrices in the possession of the Press, the "Fell" types, named after Dr. John Fell (1625-1686), who had bequeathed them to Oxford in 1686. Work on this "new," updated edition of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer was carried out in the years 1911-1914, during which time much of the book was printed, but the project was abandoned with few or no copies of the imperial quarto version completed at the beginning of World War I (a smaller Fell Prayer Book was, however, published), and a number of the imperial 4to. quires remained in the OUP Walton Street printing establishment until this was closed in 1989. At that time the quires came into the possession of the Whittington Press. In the early 90's, it was suggested that the Whittington Press might try to finish the printing of the book, and Fell types still at Oxford and at the St. Bride Printing Library were made available for this purpose. The author, formerly archivist at the OUP, describes the finding of these quires, the state of Oxford printing, particularly ecclesiastical printing, in the early 20th century, the history and design of the book, and the aftermath, with an afterword by John Randle of the Whittington Press on printing with Fell types. Two sheets (4 pages) of the original quires are bound in, along with two sheets (4 pages) of type facsimile using the Fell matrices by the Whittington Press, and another sheet showing a facsimile of the title page on one side and a facsimile of the Calendar on the other. Prospectus loosely inserted, as well as two issues of News of Books from Whittington. Fine condition..