(Orwell, George).
  • New Castle, Delaware and London: Oak Knoll Press & St. Paul's Bibliographies, 1998.
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  • cloth
  • xxix, 413 pages.
  • ISBN: 1884718469
  • ISBN: 9781884718465

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First edition. From one of the foremost bibliographers of our time, this is the first-ever bibliography of George Orwell (1903-1950), one of the major figures of 20th-century literature and best-selling authors. With his work still in print, there have been more than 30 new editions or reissues of his most famous novel, NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR, in at least 16 languages. Recently there have been important new biographies and works of criticism. The Orwell Archive at University College, London continues to expand with new acquisitions of manuscript materials, writings about Orwell, copies of editions and reissues of his works, and publication records of his books and journalism.
Today, Orwell is probably as famous and his works as revered as he or they have ever been. Even those who do not regularly read novels will recognize his name, NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR, the term "Big Brother," or such catchwords associated with the world vision he created. A few of his essays are held up as examples of brilliantly turned words, economic prose, precision and wit, and are anthologized in dozens of school and university textbooks. Most of his major books are still in print, novels and essays which are available in paperback editions, so people are still apparently reading Orwell. Definitive biographies have been written, his major books have appeared in collected editions; additional collections of essays, journalism, and letters have been planned; movies, plays, and even cartoons have been created. Yet Orwell has not become an "industry" like Virginia Woolf or James Joyce; there are currently no annual conferences, societies, meetings, or even until recently, electronic mailing lists or web pages.
When the 21st century looks back on the previous one, it will surely identify Orwell as one of its major literary figures, along with Joyce and Woolf. This bibliography of Orwell's working life as a journalist, reviewer, essayist, novelist, and broadcaster also includes posthumous editions of his works already published as well as peripheral items such as juvenilia, movies, tape recordings and even T-shirts. This is an important reference work for scholars studying the whole range of Orwell's publishing life, collectors, librarians, and antiquarian book trade specialists. Part of the Winchester Bibliographies of Twentieth Writers Series.