Foreword by Howard M. Nixon.

  • New Castle and London: Oak Knoll Press & The British Library, 1996 (but 2008).
  • 5.75 x 9 inches
  • hardcover, dust jacket
  • 386 pages followed by 14 plates
  • ISBN: 1884718280
  • ISBN: 9781884718281

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Fourth edition. This is a classic reference work about decorative and commercial English bookbinding techniques written by one of the foremost experts on bookbinding. Each chapter covers various aspects of bookbinding techniques as well as historical information. Each of the chapters describes the material of leaves and folding, beating and pressing, sewing endpapers, gluing the spine, rounding and backing, boards and their attachment, edge-trimming and decoration, headbands, back linings, covering, finishing siding and pasting down, equipment, book repairs and restoration. The book also includes appendices covering a variety of topics. Several sections describe the background and history of the London bookbinding trade around the beginning of the 19th century, its working conditions, and the growth of its binderies. Other sections discuss the specialization in book-edge gilding, the Arts & Crafts movement's influence on bookbinding styles, and the causes and prevention of leather decay. This book is an excellent background for those interested in the English technique. Illustrated with plates.