Order Nr. 34468 CHESTERFIELD BIBLIOGRAPHY TO 1800. Sidney L. Gulick.


(Chesterfield, Lord).
  • Charlottesville: Bibliographical Society of America, (1979).
  • 8vo.
  • cloth.
  • (ix), 225 pages.
  • ISBN: 0813908159

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Order Nr. 34468

Second edition. Began as a supplement to the orginal edition published in 1935, Gulick decided to complete the work as a completely revised edition. The reputation of this English 18th-century author, who wrote such works as LETTERS TO HIS SON 1774, was openly abused after the publication of LETTERS. However, after the initial response, the outspoken appreciation of his readers and critics and the wide private commendation that resulted in the continued sales of his works helped keep Lord Chesterfield's reputation afloat as well as leading to many editions of LETTERS and its adaptations. These factors maintained Lord Chesterfield's position as a model of politeness and the pattern of good manners. The public seized upon him in this light so firmly that his fame even today retains its double aspect: although scorned for teaching immorality by those who rely mainly on tradition, he is remembered as the most polite man of his time. Before 1800, in thousands of homes, there were copies of one of the numerous editions of the LETTERS; in tens of thousands were abridgements and adaptations based upon Chesterfield's fatherly advice to his son. It is the sheer number of these that makes them significant. Reprinted from the Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America. Full collations given.