Order Nr. 139915 THE BIRTHDAY. Emily Whittle.


(Lallier, Monique).
  • n.p. self published, 1990.
  • large 8vo
  • full leather fan with interleaved paper with manuscript writing composing the text, housed in a custom clamshell box

Price: $2,150.00  other currencies

Order Nr. 139915

Limited to six copies. A magnificent production. A fine copy in fine clamshell box.

"This book is a story about mother and daughter on one side and father and son on the other side. Emily came home one day with six pieces of paper and said, "I need a fan book." When she came back the next week, I had a prototype in paper that looked like a fan!

The challenge was to attach the pieces of paper in an elegant and secure way, while being sure that they would open and close properly. There is a cut in each panel where I slid the paper and glued it. Then I put each fan in a small box with lead at the bottom to stabilize the whole thing. Each panel is covered in red and green leather, along with the box.

I had a great pleasure in making this book." -Monique Lallier, A Retrospective (Oak Knoll Press, 2018, p. 48).