Order Nr. 138153 A.MUSINGS. Suzanne Moore.


  • Vashon Island, WA: Suzanne Moore, 2015.
  • 38 cm by 28.5 cm
  • painted maize colored Magnani Paper, with the letter "A" tooled by Suzanne, in silver and gold tooling on front panel, rather abstract as if assemblage of bamboo, paper portfolio to house book, clamshell box
  • 20 pages, with separate portfolio of specimens

Price: $3,300.00  other currencies

Order Nr. 138153

Limited to 26 unique copies signed and dated by the artist on the colophon, of which this is one of three DELUXE copies. The deluxe copy includes project history, annotated "in progress" work and original process materials, all enclosed in a clamshell box with the book. This book explores some of the variations of the "vanguard of letters." Executed on Rives BFK paper and Revere papers.

The title page extends across two pages and features a large script A, debossed, followed by a smaller, printed MUSINGS (Bodoni Outline) separated by tooled dot. Design, lettering design, painting, and collage, with extensive hand work in gouache and gold leaf, with a hand-colored monotype "finale" piece by the artist. Hand-set type composition and letterpress printings by Jessica Spring at Springtide Press, Tacoma, WA. Bound by Gabby Cooksey.

Each page is an original composition capable of standing on its own. Yet, there is a narrative clearly evident in A.MUSINGS,the reader / viewer is compelled to turn the page to find new images of the first letter.

The beginning of the written word is no small subject; Ms. Moore has explored it in a previous unique book and here again rises to the challenge. With great subtlety and her usual sureness of technique, she explores historic forms of the letter, visually and textually. For any lover of language and art, A.MUSINGS speaks directly and will resonate long after the pages are closed.

The shaped printed page in Optima, which contains selected definitions and connotations of the letter "A", is beautifully constructed and printed by Jessica Spring.

The backdrop for this translucent page is a drawing, alluding to the geometric roots of classical Roman letterforms. The ending words, "Tops. First. Crème de la crème. Aleph" certainly apply to this book - as well as the letter A. A.MUSINGS final page is on a black painted ground with a plethora of vividly colored letter forms, all of the letter A. These A-forms (all but one of African origin), jostling up against one another, create a page of intense visual energy. This is in direct contrast to the previous pages of A's on white grounds, in black, highlighted with multi-color designs and gold gilt which are concrete and placid - suiting perfectly as these are representative of the Greek letter forms based on geometric shapes. A truly beautiful ode to the "vanguard" of letter forms

Suzanne Moore is a Lettering Artist and Designer who combines contemporary vision with traditional scribal techniques on manuscript books, broadsides, graphic design and architectural interiors. Prior to relocating to Vashon Island, Suzanne led a team of 12 Lettering Artists at American Greetings in Cleveland, Ohio.

Subjects of Suzanne's work include Sequoyah and the Cherokee writing system, mazes, the history and spirituality of gardening, non-Latin alphabets and the writing of artists on art and the creative process.

Her work is exhibited widely and her manuscript books have been acquired for major public and private collections in the United States and Europe, including the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York, the Library of Congress, The Houghton Library at Harvard University, and the James S. Copley Library, La Jolla, California.