Order Nr. 136051 LA IMPRENTA EN LA PUEBLA DE LOS ANGELES. Jose Toribio Medina.


  • Amsterdame: N. Israel, 1964.
  • small 4to.
  • cloth
  • (vi),lii,823,(3) pages

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Order Nr. 136051

"First facsimile editions" of bibliographies of imprints in the State of Puebla de los Angeles (now Puebla). The first, by J.T. Medina (1852-1930) first appeared in 1908, for which edition see Besterman 5158. The second, by Teixidor (not in Besterman), was first published in 1961. Medina contains 1,928 numbered entries (not counting subentries) for 1640-1821; the Teixidor "additions," based on the collection of Florencio Gavito, run to 952 main entries for imprints dated 1642 to 1821. Despite a similar format, the Teixidor is as much a complementary work as a supplement. Medina deals more with the 17th and 18th centuries, sometimes providing information beyond the basic entry for older works. Teixidor deals more with the years 1800-1821 and often provides extensive detail regardless of the date (probably partly because he had access to the works). Has facsimile reproductions and index. Should interest students of the history of printing in Mexico, the history of Puebla, and the history of the Mexican struggle for independence in Puebla. From the private reference library of Dorothy Sloan with a commemorative bookplate loosely inserted.