Order Nr. 135512 MISCELLANEOUS PUBLICATIONS. Thomas P. Fleming.


  • n.p. n.p., 1929-1940.
  • small 4to
  • cloth
  • variously paginated

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Order Nr. 135512

This single tome holds eleven papers written by author Thomas P. Fleming, scholar, librarian, and bibliographer that was very active in the first half of the twentieth century. Fleming was the head of the Order Department at the University of Minnesota Library as well as the Medical Librarian for Columbian University. The eleven essays, most unpublished, are:

1. The Cleveland Academy of Natural Science 1845-1860 (1929) - A paper which focuses on explaining Cleveland's contribution to the history of science.
2. The Orientation and Homing Power of a Pigeon (1929) - This paper lays out the vast distinctions between the homing pigeon and the carrier pigeon.
3. Bibliographical Journals in the Field of Biology (1930) - A list of journals (worldwide) that publish articles in the field of biology.
4. A Contribution to the History of Zoological Bibliography (1931) - A paper that provides the rational for the use of bibliographies and reference in the field of Zoology.
5. The Acquisition of Material for the University of Minnesota Library (1936) - The importance of gifts and institutional donations are described in this paper.
6. Exchange and Distribution of Duplicate State Documents (1936) - A paper that explains the process of providing access to duplicates to either the public or other institutions nationwide.
7. Developing Library Resources with Limited Funds (1938) - This paper was published in The Library Journal, February 15th, 1938.
8. How to Interest Students in the History of Medicine (1938) - Fleming talks about his theory on how to encourage students to take interest in medical history by using a variety of techniques.
9. Some Unsolved Problems of Acquisition in University Libraries (1938) - In this interesting paper, Fleming comes up with some of his own ideas to keep printed material coming to institutions.
10. Discussion of Nathan Van Patten's paper, "Buying Policies of College and University Libraries" (1939) - Fleming's response to Van Patten's explanation to a sound buying policy.
11. Essentials in the Organization of Acquisition Work in University Libraries (1940) - A published article available in College of Research Libraries (1940, p. 229 - 234).

Also loosely included are three offprints:

Medical Librarianship, A Mid-Century Survey: A Symposium (1957), A Continuous Bibliographic Service in University Libraries (1947), and European Wartime Acquisitions and the Library of Congress Mission (by Reuben Peiss, inscribed by Peiss for Tomas Fleming, 1946).