Newly Printed by Alan James Robinson of the Cheloniidae Press


(Cheloniidae Press).
  • (Easthampton, MA): Cheloniidae Press & Wonder Book Editions, (2019).

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First edition of 130 copies, of which this is one of 30 copies reserved for portfolios for a complete set of 24 total broadsides. The first publication by Alan James Robinson in over twenty years, If There Were No Books... is a suite of broadsides depicting some of the more monumental works in English & American literature of which we would have not experienced.

Cheloniidae Press and Alan James Robinson along with Charles E. Roberts of Wonder Book Editions have now printed this first in a series of new Letterpress Broadsides. Printed by master printer Art Larson of Horton Tank Graphics, former Apprentice to Harold Patrick McGrath, carrying on the tradition of fine printing, in a total edition of 130. One hundred broadsides sold individually and an additional 30 held in reserve for this portfolio.

Twelve prints and twelve broadsides were created by Alan Robinson and printed from relief etchings made from the original drawings. The type and illustrations were printed from polymer plates created by Boxcar Press.