Thirty-Nine individually bound photocopies relating to various subjects in the book arts.

  • 8vo-4to
  • cardstock

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Photocopies of a variety of topics, including the book trade, publishing, printing, auctions, libraries, and librarians. These are: City Printers, Welch; Scottish Printers & Booksellers, 1668-1775, a supplement; Some sixteenth century stationers' wills, Phelps; Augustus Applegath, Berry; Derbyshire printing and printers before 1800, Taylor, Norman; Eliots Court Press, Plomer; Richard Field, Printer, 1589, Kirwood; On Books published in liverpool, Mott; Notes on St. Omer, Newdigate; Notes on Sussex Printing, Piper; Book-auctions and book-sales in the aberdeen area, 1749-1800, McDonald; Eighteenth-century circulating libraries in England, Hamlyn; The Book-Trade in Shropshire, Lloyd; Bookbinders of Northumberland and Durham, Mitchell; Agraffu ac agaffwyr yn llandeilo fawr, Roberts; English Libraries in Eighteenth-Century Bengal, Kabir; The Rise of Community Libraries of Scotland, Kaufman; The Early Career of Edward Raban, Duff; Warwickshire Apprentices, Morgan; English Circulating Libraries, 1725-50, McKillop; William Jones: Puritan Printer and Propogandist, Curtis; Birchley-orSt. Omers?, Newdigate; The Stationers, Stewart-Brown; The Pamphlet Literature of Liverpool, Dawson; Valentine Simms, Ferguson; John Walter and the Logographic Press, Feather; Auctioneers and Booksellers index, Munby/Coral; Printers, Publishers, and Booksellers, Greg; Books Printed by John Garnet, Gilberthrope; Richard Schilders and the English Puritans, Wilson; Early Cornish Printers, Potts; Signs of Booksellers in St. Paul's Churchyard, Wheatley; Early Hampshire Printers, Edwards; English Provincial Presses, Allnutt; Circulating Libraries in the North-East of Scotland, MacDonald; The Birchley Hall Secret Press, Hawkes; Printers of Fleet Street and St. Paul's Church Yard in the 16th c., Avis; English Cathedral Libraries, Kaufman; Early Exeter Printers and Booksellers, 1669-1741, Dickinson.