(Morrison, Lois).
  • N.P. (but Leonia, NJ): Lois Morrison, 1995.
  • square small 4to.
  • Cover fabric of green. Spine bound with brown thorns, turquoise stitching and black fabric to hold the stitching in place across the spine, green cloth clamshell box lined with brown striped handmade paper. All in an outer protective light tan cloth bag.
  • (i), 15+(1) pages.

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Order Nr. 124148

Unique Artists' fabric book by Lois Morrison. Doublepage stitched color outline illustrations and black stitched text on a soft gray fabric. Title on front embroidered on light brown cloth.

A sensitive treatment to Morrisons moving interpretation of an extract from the Old Testament. Morrison has produced many of these interesting fabric artists' books during her career and is represented in museums around the world. Lafayette College stated that "Morrison, who lives and works in New Jersey, creates books that are imaginative, contemplative, whimsical, and often touching" when given an impressive collection of 15 of her works.