TRANS. John Gerard.


  • (Berlin): John Gerard, 1998).
  • folio
  • black linen covers with rectangular cut-out on front board allowing the title to show through.
  • Unpaginated.

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Order Nr. 124132

Limited to 20 numbered copies signed by Fritz Best. A series of 7 tableaux by Best made in collaboration with John Gerard. 7 double page spreads. An accordion folded book with images and text by Fritz Best. Produced using pulp painting techniques as well as offset 4-color lithography, etching, stone lithography, relief etching, original offset printing. Front page glued to front board as issued.

"Trans was one of the most interesting projects of all my artists books, simply because both the artist and myself had no idea as to whether the book would work technically. The white base sheets were made first and dried; Best printed these in four-color offset; months later we then used stencil techniques and pulp painting to make the second layer of paper in pink or blue. The sheets were then dried again and printed in seven different printing techniques. In each of the sheets is a watermarked word that begins with the prefix trans. We even made the sheets transparent. Best has used cliches from advertising and comments about our desires and misinterpretations of the transferal of ideas." Gerard.