BIBLIOTECA HISPANO-CHILENA (1523-1817). José Toribio Medina.



3 volumes.

  • Amsterdam: N. Israel, 1965.
  • 8vo.
  • cloth.
  • (iv), xiii-xvi, (ii), 653 pages; 616 pages; 575+(colophon) pages, with plates

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Order Nr. 119537

Reprint of the 1897 first edition which was limited to 600 copies. A bibliography of Chilean literature with transcriptions, references to authorities, and references to libraries where copies are held. Includes extensive quotations and critical and bibliographical notes. Each volume with a separate index. José Toribio Medina (1852-1930) famous for his books and pamphlets relating to Spanish America, the history of printing in the La Plata countries, and comprehensive works on the Inquisition in Chile, Peru and the Philippines. Each volume with an index. Ex library set with markings.