Order Nr. 118739 ÆTHELWOLD ETC. Russell Maret.


(Maret, Russell).
  • New York, NY: Editions Schlechter, 2013.
  • folio
  • stiff paper wrappers
  • 128 pages

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Order Nr. 118739

Trade edition. Out of print since 2010, Æthelwold Etc. is now available in meticulous facsimile, comprising the complete standard edition of the original as well as the diary of ink colors that accompanied the deluxe edition. Photographed at a very high resolution by 42-Line in Oakland, California, every line, impression, and paper fiber of the original edition is reproduced with remarkable clarity. 750 copies have been printed, of which 55 are signed, numbered, and accompanied by an original letterpress-printed page from the 2009 edition.

The twenty-six letters of Æthelwold Etc were designed to explore the relationships between alphabetical form and literary content, the limits of a letterform's individuality within the context of the alphabetical community, and the tensions between typographic assumptions, personal history, and creative desire. These various themes are further explored in the second half of the book, a section of notes in which any poetry related to a letter's design is also included. The printing of the letters was conceived in the spirit of chromatic maximalism, requiring as many as nine colors to realize a single letter form and 105 different ink colors for all twenty-six. In his review of the book, Paul F. Gehl, the Keeper of the Newberry Library's Wing Foundation on the History of Printing, said, "Russell Maret's ambitious new book is several things: an alphabet book, a commonplace book, an artists book, and a tour-de-force of color letterpress printing. In a world where anyone can draw a new face and dozens appear every year, remarkably few of them really show anything fresh or even thoughtful. Fewer still challenge our comfortable assumptions about size, fit, and spacing. If you are up for an elegant, delicate violation of your typographic expectations, have a serious look at Æthelwold Etc." Winner of a Judges Choice Award at the 2009 UK Fine Press Book Fair.