Collection of Thomas Bewick Prints.

(Bewick, Thomas).
  • N.P. n.p., 1970.
  • 4to.
  • cloth portfolio, label on front cover
  • unpaginated

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A collection of 38 of Thomas Bewick's (1753-1828) prints, many labelled "Cherryburn Edition 1970" with numbers ranging from 3 to 89. The Cherryburn Press was operated by Robert Hunter Middleton. According to the Libraries and Culture Bookplate Archive of the University of Texas Austin, Middleton printed two portfolio editions of Bewick engravings, in 1945 and 1970. The complete 1970 portfolio included 100 engravings. Label with facsimile of Bewick's signature on front cover of portfolio. Portfolio slightly scuffed at bottom edge.

Collection of Thomas Bewick Prints
Collection of Thomas Bewick Prints