(Leaf Book).
  • Pomona, New York: The Kelly-Winterton Press, 2004.
  • large 8vo.
  • cloth spine with paper-covered boards
  • X, 56, (2) pages plus 58 plates with 2 tipped-in original leaves

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Order Nr. 117190

Printed in an edition limited to 300 copies, this copy containing 2 original leaves and 2 facsimile leaves from Pickering titles (Leaf Book - Chalmers 229). A work highlighting the important role of William Pickering in nineteenth-century publishing. During his lifetime, Pickering published works by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, John Donne and William Blake. He used as illustrators some of the most skilled men of the past including Dürer and Holbein. With the collaboration of printers like Charles Whittingham, Pickering made ripples in the book design field that are sill being felt today. Joseph Blumenthal explores the many aspect of Pickering's work. While Pickering's design career is expanded upon in an essay by Arthur Warren. The compiler has also included his own essay on the revival of Caslon's types, in which Pickering played a part. This crucial checklist not only delves into the life and work of an extraordinary man, it also provides the most through inventory of Pickering's output to date. Beautifully illustrated in color. Two actual leaves from Pickering originals have been tipped-in. Printed by the Kelly-Winterton Press in Caslon fonts on Teton paper and bound by Judi Consant.