Order Nr. 117169 BEAU-BEAU'S 1 2 3. E. Helene Sherman.
BEAU-BEAU'S 1 2 3.

BEAU-BEAU'S 1 2 3.

(Miniature Books).
  • (Sudbury, MA: Kurbel Books, 1984).
  • miniature book (6 x 6 cm)
  • embroidered cloth covers with small metal dog attached to a ribbon as a bookmarker
  • Printed accordian style with 21 leaves.

Price: $150.00  other currencies

Order Nr. 117169

Limited to 200 numbered copies (Bradbury, Kurbel 4). Art by E. Helene Sherman, Layout by Robert E. Massmann and frontispiece portrait by Fred G. Moynlhan, Jr. Ten stages in this dog's life as told in illustrated pictures with hand-colored numbers. This special edition of this book has a needlework binding hand-made by Gayle Roberts-Cullen and is signed by her, the author and Joseph L. Curran who operated Kurbel Books. This special version has additional pages of illustrations, all illustrations colored by hand, and four extra pages of pasted on 20-cent stamps of dogs.