THE MULTIFACETED MR. MORRIS. Jane Marguerite Tippett.


(Lead Graffiti).
  • Newark, DE: Lead Graffiti, 2012.
  • 8vo
  • stiff paper wrappers
  • 56 pages

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Limited edition of 100 copies. Entitled The Multifaceted Mr. Morris, this is the catalogue of the William Morris exhibition mounted in the Mark Samuels Lasner Collection at the University of Delaware for the Useful & Beautiful conference held in October 2010. More than 30 books, manuscripts, drawings, and other works were highlighted and the book's introduction tells the story of how the collector, Mark Samuels Lasner, came to acquire Morris and the Pre-Raphaelites.

The author, Jane Tippett, was a PhD student in Art History at the University of Delaware.

"It was important for Lead Graffiti to find a way to marry the text with an interesting visual element. Many of the pieces included in the exhibition were very personal items, letters, photographs, drawings, and of course books.

We came up with the idea to look at each piece and find an interesting visual element. It might be the postage mark on a letter or a note in the margin or an interesting square inch of a photograph. Looking for them was great fun and the process connected us very directly with each piece. Some had a dozen visual nuggets we could use. Others forced us to pull from an otherwise non-visual piece which ended up with some interesting outcomes.

We took photos of the nuggets, along with the eight full-color images, and designed an area at the top of each letterpress page for each nugget to live and breathe. Their positioning connects them to their original lives. It was wonderful fun to search through the pieces to find the image. We hope others who visit Mark's collection can stop for a moment and search for a nugget or two. Some are quite a scavenger hunt to find."

2-color throughout. printed via letterpress on Hahnemühle Bugra with 8 color plates printed via high-resolution archival inkjet and bound into the handmade books.