THE GROLIER CLUB, 1884-1967, AN INFORMAL HISTORY. John T. Winterich.


  • New York: The Grolier Club, 1967.
  • 6.5 x 10 inches
  • hardcover, slipcase
  • 52 pages

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The Grolier Club 1884-1967 discusses the history of the Grolier Club from its founding in 1884 to its state in 1967. Originating from a group of book lovers interested in literary study, promotion of the arts, and the production of books, those who attended the first-ever Grolier Club meeting include William Loring Andrews, Theodore Low De Vinne, Alexander W. Drake, Albert Gallup, Robert Hoe, Jr., Brayton Ives, Samuel W. Marvin, Edward S. Mead, and Arthur B. Turnure. At the first meeting, the following mission statement was established: "The objects of this club shall be the literary study and promotion of the arts pertaining to the production of books." This wording still remains in Article 1, Section 2 of the Constitution of the Grolier Club.

This book further expands on the history and establishment of the Grolier Club. A black-and-white image section, containing photographs of various rooms located in the Grolier Club, is included..