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Order Nr. 70706 ANCHOR WATERMARKS. Vladimir Mosin


Amsterdam: The Paper Publications Society, 1973. 4to. cloth. xxxvi, 135 pages followed by reproductions of 2847 watermarks. XII. First edition, limited to 500 copies. XIII in the Series issued by the Society. Edited and translated by J.S.G. Simmons and B.J. van Ginneken-van de Kasteele. Indices of the watermarks and facts on their producers when known coupled with 367 plates showing 2847 specimens make this a valuable tool in the dating of manuscripts. READ MORE

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Table of contents


Vladimir Mosin                                                      Frontispiece
List of Subscribers                                                     page  ix 
Preface                                                                     xiii
Abbreviations and Glossary                                                    xv

Introduction                                                                 xxi
Descriptive List of Watermarks                                                 1

Index of Letters and Names in the Watermarks                                  97
Index of some Additional Types, Dates, and Signs occurring in 
  combination with the Anchor Marks                                          101
Concordances to Published Sources of Watermark Reproductions                 103 
List of Printed Works containing Anchor Watermarks                           113 
List of Manuscript Collections                                               118 
Illustrated Conspectus of Watermark Types                   Folding plate at end

Reproductions of Watermarks                                         plates 1-367