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Order Nr. 60367 ENGLISH MUSIC PRINTING, 1553-1700. D. W. Krummel


London: The Bibliographical Society, 1975. 4to. cloth. xii, 188 pages. First edition. This study examines the printing of music in Britain from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, with chapters on music patents, Psalm books, part books, song books, and broadsides. It includes many black-and-white illustrations, a chronological synopsis, a bibliography, and an index. Distributed for the Bibliographial Society, London. READ MORE

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Table of contents


      Acknowledgements                                                   page v
      List of Figures                                                        ix

   I. A SUCCESSOR TO STEELE I Bibliographical 'Forms'                         3
      Music Type                                                              5

  II. THE POLITICS OF THE MUSIC PATENTS                                      10
      William Seres (1553) II John Day (1559)                                13
      Thomas Tallis and William Byrd (1575)                                  15
      Richard Day's Assignees (1584)                                         17
      Thomas East (1588)                                                     19
      Thomas Morley (1598)                                                   21
      The Company of Stationers (1603)                                       26
      William Barley (1606)                                                  30

 III. PSALM BOOKS                                                            34
      Mixed Copies                                                           36
      Three Early Music Type Faces                                           42
      John Day's Part-Book Type Face                                         47
      Granjon Music Type                                                     50
      The Small Type Faces of Van den Keere (?) and Granjon (?)              59
      Other Type Faces Used in Psalm Books                                   64
      Solfege Type                                                           71
      Special Aspects and Later History of the Printing of Psalm Books       73

  IV. PART BOOKS                                                             79
      Music Layout                                                           79
      Haultin's Part-Book Type and Its Derivatives                           84
      Other Part-Book Type Faces                                             92
      Tablature Books                                                       102

   V. SONG BOOKS                                                            113
      John Playford                                                         115
      Playford's Associates and Successors                                  123
      Round-Note Type Faces                                                 127

      The Beginnings of English Music Engraving                             143
      Later Engraved Music Books                                            152
      Music in the Broadside Ballads                                        161
      The Origins of the Song Sheet                                         166

 VII. SOME CONCLUSIONS                                                      171
      Appendix: A Chronological Synopsis of Music Type Faces                175
      Bibliography                                                          177
      Index                                                                 181