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Order Nr. 43019 ELSPETH HUXLEY, A BIBLIOGRAPHY. Robert Cross, Michael Perkin
(Huxley, Elspeth).


With a foreword by Elspeth Huxley.
Winchester and New Castle, Delaware: St Paul's Bibliographies and Oak Knoll Press, 1996. 8vo. cloth. xx, 187+(1) pages. With a foreword by Elspeth Huxley. First edition. The fifth volume in the Winchester Bibliographies of Twentieth Century Writers series. Mrs. Huxley's writing life began at the age of fourteen when she sent anonymous articles, often with her own photographs, to the EAST AFRICAN STANDARD and other periodicals. By the age of seventeen she had written ninety-six..... READ MORE

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Table of contents


List of Illustrations                                       page vi
Foreword by Elspeth Huxley                                      vii
Publisher's Note                                                 ix
Introduction                                                      x
Acknowledgements                                                xii
Abbreviations                                                    xv
Chronology                                                      xvi
A. Books and Pamphlets by Elspeth Huxley including translations   1 
B. Books edited or with Contributions by Elspeth Huxley         104 
C. Contributions to newspapers and periodicals                  110 
D. Radio and television appearances                             154 
E. Miscellanea                                                  173 
Index                                                           177