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Order Nr. 36405 LEONARD WOOLF: A BIBLIOGRAPHY. Leila Luedeking, Michael Edmonds
(Woolf, Leonard).


New Castle, Delaware and Winchester: Oak Knoll Books and St Paul's Bibliographies, 1992. 8vo. cloth. xvi, 296 pages. First edition. The first volume in the Winchester Bibliographies of Twentieth Century Writers series. The full stature of Leonard Woolf can only be appreciated by an awareness of all his writings and of the influence he exerted in the first half of this century. His book, International Government became one of the formative influences on the League..... READ MORE

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Table of contents


Illustrations                                                  vi 
Preface                                                       vii 
Introduction                                                   ix 
Secondary sources mentioned in the text                       xii 
Chronology of Leonard Woolf's life                            xiv 
Section A  Separately published books and pamphlets             1 
Section B  Contributions to books and pamphlets                72 
Section C  Contributions to periodicals                        94 
Section D  Manuscript collections                             273 
Appendix 1 Writings for the co-operative movement             280 
Appendix 2 Writings for the Labour Party and Fabian Society   282 
Appendix 3 Leonard Woolf and the book review                  284 
Index                                                         291