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Order Nr. 25837 BIBLIOGRAPHY OF JOHN BROWN. Donald D. Eddy
(Brown, John).


New York: The Bibliographical Society of America, 1971. 8vo. cloth. xxxi, 210 pages. First edition. According to its Introduction, this bibliography describes all the first editions, including those published posthumously, of works written by John Brown (1715 - 1766). This is a man who can be studied in many ways. One can look at Brown as an 18th-century English author whose writings outsold comparable ones by Samuel Johnson; as a poet whose poems have been..... READ MORE

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Acknowledgments                                    vii 
List of Illustrations                               xi 
Introduction                                      xiii 
Chronology of Life, Education, and Positions      xxxi 
The Writings of John Brown                           1 
Browniana                                          129 
Appendix I.  Chronological List of Publications    179 
Appendix II. Index of Printers, Publishers, and 
             Booksellers                           187 
Index                                              197