DR. CHURCH'S "HOAX" Richard E. Huss.


An Assessment of Dr. William Church

  • Lancaster: Graphic Crafts, 1976.
  • 8vo.
  • cloth, dust jacket.
  • xviii, 76 pages.

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First edition. This book is about an original invention and an American mechanical genius, who is almost completely unknown on the American side of the Atlantic Ocean. This work brings this inventor out of obscurity and gives him long overdue credit for his important inventions. Among Church's creations were the first typesetting machine in history, a new style of typecasting machine, and a new form of printing press. The influence of these inventions on printing practices is emphasized, and their techniques are described in a clear, comprehensible manner. Church also invented many other devices and methods of manufacture, ranging from buttons to locomotives. With an introduction by Marcus McCorison from the American Antiquarian Society. Illustrated with patent drawings and fifty-two of his inventions and includes an index and extensive bibliography. Typeset and printed by The Stinehour Press at Lunenburg, Vermont. Spine of jacket slightly faded.